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Top 5 Best Mobile Banking Services in Pakistan 2018

best mobile banking services in pakistanMobile Banking Services in Pakistan provide an easy way of access and usage compared to traditional banks. That’s why services like EasyPaisa and JazzCash have become incredibly popular. Mobile Banks allow users to conveniently do transactions and other services just by using their mobile devices. The ease of use is what has led to such popularity of these services.

Mobile Banking services in Pakistan grant users access to a variety of bank services without the need to visit a physical branch or an ATM. Smartphone and tablet usage is also comparatively high compared to Laptops and PCs in the country. Therefore, best mobile banking services cater to a larger demographic that prefers access to services via handheld devices.

Top 5 Mobile Banking Services in Pakistan:

In this article, we are going to list the very best, top five mobile banking services currently available in the country. These services are selected because of their ease of use, the value of customer service, and variety of services provided. So, here are the top 5 mobile banking services in Pakistan.


easypaisa logo

EasyPaisa is one of the earliest and most popular mobile banking services in Pakistan. The mobile banking service was the country’s very first branchless banking deployment. Since then the service has grown and become incredibly successful.

EasyPaisa provides a variety of banking services including bill payments, money transfer, insurance, ATM card, and phone banking. Moreover, EasyPaisa also has a dedicated app available for both Android and iPhone. EasyPaisa also offers EasyPay, which is a complete online payment solution that can be integrated with online stores and websites.

EasyPaisa has received multiple awards since its launch and has gained global recognition. The service was awarded “Wall Street Journal’s Financial Inclusion Challenge People’s Choice Award” in 2015.


Jazzcash logo

JazzCash started off as Mobicash. The service came into creation when Jazz partnered with Mobilink Microfinance Banking and stepped into the branchless banking market. JazzCash has been a strong competitor in the mobile banking sector from the start.

JazzCash offers a wide range of mobile banking services. The service allows users to pay bills, send and receive money, perform purchases and online payments, Mobile load, and so much more. JazzCash also has a dedicated app available for Android and iPhone devices.

JazzCash also provides online payment gateway services to online shops and retailers as well. It also allows various digital payments along with select ticket payments.

Keenu Wallet:

keenu wallet mobile banking

Keenu provides online payment solutions. The Keenu Wallet is a smartphone wallet that allows you to pay and do transactions effortlessly. To register a mobile number is required along with a small money transfer into your Keenu Wallet.

Keenu Wallet allows you to pay on hundreds of stores and outlets along with several online stores. Other services offered by the wallet include bill payment, money transfer, payments requests, and more. The Keenu Wallet also awards loyalty rewards and promotions.


simsim mobile banking

SimSim by Finca is a mobile wallet service. They provide financial services along with a digital wallet at affordable rates. The service launched very recently and has gained momentum from the start. The best thing about SimSim is their incredibly low transaction charges.

SimSim Financial services include ATM cards, bill payments, money transfer, Payments using QR codes, and more. The service also accommodates gift vouchers and allows payments requests.

The SimSim app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple store. To sign up for a wallet you need to provide your CNIC number along with your name and your parent’s names.

UBL Omni:

Ubl Omni Logo

UBL Omni is a branchless banking service provided by UBL Bank. The service allows users to open a basic account by visiting a UBL branch or any UBL Omni Dukaan. To open an account only CNIC and a mobile number are required and a minimum 100 RS deposit.

UBL Omni provides users with banking services including easy payment of bills, payments of Zakat & Donations, Money Transfer, Scan & Pay using QR codes, and much more. You can easily access UBL Omni account via SMS, Omni Dukaan, UBL Netbanking, UBL Branch, or an ATM. The service also has a dedicated mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Mobile Banking Services in Pakistan :

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a financial or investment advisor. This article is solely for educational purposes. It should not be taken as professional advice.

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