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Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android 2018Cryptocurrencies have been subjected to a lot of hype in recent days. This has resulted in people wanting to know more about the Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android and technology. Subsequently, the number of crypto investors and traders have also skyrocketed. Despite the recent drop in the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, & other altcoins they are still going strong. If you are investor, trader, or just interested in cryptocurrencies then it is important to download cryptocurrency apps to keep track. With the increased popularity there are quite a few apps currently available for download so finding the right one is no easy feat. However, don’t worry because we have compiled a list of the best cryptocurrency apps available for your Android smartphone.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Apps for Android 2018:

In this article, we have listed the very best crypto apps available for Android. This list includes apps for keeping track of your cryptocurrency portfolio, checking rates, monitoring charts, as well as mobile wallets. So, here are the best cryptocurrency apps for Android 2018.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget:

Bitcoin Ticker Widget download

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is one of the best cryptocurrency apps available for Android. The App allows you to easily keep track of latest exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Ticker Widget supports dozens of cryptocurrencies. The best feature of this app is its widget. You can place the widget anywhere on your home screen. This allows you to check rates right on your smartphone’s home screen. The widget is easy and simple to use. Moreover, you can also set multiple widgets for different currencies. The app provides one of the fastest ways to keep track of rates. It also allows you to set refresh rates for your widgets. You can download the cryptocurrency app from Google PlayStore.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget for android

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg:

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg download

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg is one of the best free Bitcoin apps for Android. It is a free wallet provided by Blockchain Luxembourg. The wallet features a minimalistic user-friendly style that is easy to use. The app features include checking your Bitcoin balance, currency exchange rates with 20+ currencies, and support for 25 languages. Apart from all this, the wallet supports incredible security features to ensure your money is kept safe and secure. Bitcoin Wallet is one of the best wallets for beginners are investors alike. The app is available for download on Google PlayStore.




Blockfolio logo

Next up is Blockfolio which is a financial app for tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio. It is one of the best cryptocurrency trading app and is aimed towards investors and traders. This app allows you to have quick access to your crypto investments. One of its great features is that you can set up notifications for price thresholds. So when a cryptocurrency rises or drops below a certain point you will get an instant notification. Furthermore, there is also a news section that allows you to keep track of the latest news of the crypto world. Blockfolio tracks over 800 currencies and you can get details about each one. If you are a serious investor or trader this app is a must-have. To download the app click the button below and you will be redirected to the Google PlayStore.

Blockfolio app for android download


Bitcoin Checker:

Bitcoin Checker logo

Bitcoin Checker is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps for checking rates on the go. The app provides great features for those who want to keep track of rates all day. Bitcoin Checker displays on most cryptocurrencies all around the world. Moreover, the app has a simple user-friendly UI that can be easily used by anyone. It displays a ton of information on various digital currencies. This app will help you remain at your best when trading cryptocurrencies. You can download the cryptocurrency app from Google PlayStore like download gbwhatsapp mod apk and Dragoncity mod apk.

Bitcoin Checker download for android



PoloTracker logo


PoloTracker is another great app for keeping track of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The app supports almost all of the popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, etc. PoloTracker features include widgets, threshold alert notification, and inbuilt price converters. The app allows you to instantly track price in different currencies. Furthermore, the Polotracker was specially built for Poloniex user. It also helps you keep track of all the Poloniex coins with its prices. Moreover, it features pin security as well. The app is available for download on Google PlayStore.

PoloTracker download for android


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