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Top 10 New Illinois Laws to Know in 2018

Illinois LawsA new year brings all sorts of new things for all. However, for the state of Illinois 2018 is going to signal the start of more than 200 new laws. The latest Illinois laws tackle various different sectors and issues. The recent laws cover numerous topics, including the organ donation, cyberstalking, gender change on birth certificates & driving laws.

The new Illinois state laws went into effect on Jan 1, 2018. If you are a citizen of Illinois or planning to visit the state anytime soon. Then it is crucial to be aware of the most important laws that can affect you. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 Illinois laws that you must know in 2018.

10 New Illinois Laws to Know in 2018:

Here we have a list Illinois laws that are going to take effect in 2018. The newly proposed laws are varied and cater to several different issues and sectors. Below are the 10 new Illinois laws every citizen must know in 2018:

Organ Donation Registration for Teenage Drivers: (HB 1805)

The latest law passed HB 1805 allows Illinois residents that are at least 16 years old to sign up for organ donation. The state will now permit registered drivers to join the First Person Consent Organ and Tissue donor registry. 16 & 17-year-olds can now sign up to be organ and tissue donors when they apply for a driver’s license or identification card. This law was well received as they are hundreds of citizens waiting in line for life-saving organ transplants. However, the state still grants parents right to give or revoke organ donation consent of donors younger than 18.

Expelling of Pre-School Children:  (HB 2663)

According to law HB 2663, expelling of preschool children is now prohibited. The law states that schools can not expel preschoolers for exhibiting difficult behaviors. Moreover, rather than kicking the children out the new law requires schools to implement programs to accommodate children that tend to exhibit difficult behaviors.  Additionally, early childhood education programs which receive funding from the Illinois State Board of Education will also have to find other options to help children who have been previously expelled from preschool.

Illinois Laws

Gender Change on Birth Certificates: (HB 1785)

Law HB 1785 permits transgender & intersex citizens to change their gender on birth certificates without reassignment. Citizens can now change their gender on birth certificates without the need for gender confirmation or reassignment surgery. The change in the birth certificate and paperwork will be applicable as long as the person is under a doctor’s care. Moreover, the licensed health care professional must make a declaration concerning the treatment.

Survivors of Domestic Violence Can Keep Cellphone Numbers: (SB 57)

Domestic Violence victims can now petition to keep their current cell phone numbers under law SB 57. Survivors will be able to do so without the approval of the primary account holder. This step is taken to in order of the victim’s protection. Once the number(s) are transferred the survivor would become financially responsible for them. Furthermore, the law also permits them to petition to have their children’s numbers transferred as well.

Abortion Legality & Expansion: (HB 40)

The latest HB 40 ensures that abortion remains legal in the state of Illinois. The new bill eliminates a 1975 “trigger law” that could make abortions illegal in Illinois should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade. Furthermore, the HB 40 expands taxpayer funding for abortions. It also covers abortions under Medicaid and state employees’ health insurance plans. Doing so ensures that abortion remains legal in Illinois.

Online Reviews & Complaints Freedom: (SB 1898)

The new law SB 1989 protects consumers’ right to leave positive and negative reviews online. Moreover, the law prevents service providers & companies from enforcing non-disparagement clauses. This law will prevent the addition of such clauses to sakes contracts that prohibit giving negative feedback. Citizens will be able to write reviews about products, services & quality of food on online sites.

Illinois Laws

Mental Health Issues Training for Police Officers: (HB 0375)

Law enforcement officers will now receive training on Mental Health issues. The new law HB 0375 ensures that all officers take a course on mental health issues to learn about the types of mental illnesses. Moreover, officers will be instructed to detect mental Illness. The course will include a study on symptoms and signs of mental illness as well as on common treatments and medications. The course will allow interaction between law enforcement officers and people with mental health issues. Additionally, HB 0375 also requires that in counties with more than 3 million people all officers must complete Crisis Intervention Team training. Which will be part of their initial basic minimum training.

No More Driving with “For Sale” Signs or Obstructing Stickers: (HB 0733)

Law HB 0733 prohibits driving with “For Sale” signs on the car’s windshield or windows. To elaborate, all decals, signs, stickers, or paperwork that could obstruct a driver’s vision must be removed before driving the car. This law originated due to the death of Brendan Burke. He was killed in a car accident by a driver whose vision was blocked by decals and paperwork. A person who is found guilty of not adhering to this law will be charged $50 and $500 for a first-time offense. Second or subsequent violation will render the individual guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

Cyberstalking & Hate Crime: (HB 3711)

HB 3711 is one of the new Illinois crime laws that deal with cyberstalking and online hate crime. The law was initiated by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. This law which comes into effect to better protect Illinois residents from cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online harassment, & related hate crimes. Moreover, the new law states that acts of intimidation, sending of obscene messages, & cyberstalking will fall under as hate crimes.

Cyberstalking & Hate Crime Illinois Laws

Price Listings mandatory at Dry Cleaners & Hair Salons to eliminate discrimination in prices: (SB 0298)

This latest law SB 0298 requires hair salons, barbers, tailors, and dry cleaners to provide customers with a fixed price list of services upon request. Senator Melinda Bush spearheaded the bill. She states that women are often charged unfairly for same services. The service providers listed in the bill often discriminate gender. This bill’s aim is to expose and eradicate gender-based price discrimination.

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